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  3. I was Known as -SpiderDude -haxor 1337 -Poseiden On the old Moat server . Back there in 2017 or 2018 I don't remember kinda But I am happy that Moat server is back again. Yeah... Anyway if anyone really remember any name that I posted Thats going to be cool But anyone who don't know me , well.... Rest in peace
  4. Make them tradable >:)
  5. What is your In-Game Name? Guccie What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:572545460 What is your Discord Tag? Guccie#4884 What is your Time Zone? EST Do you have any previous offenses on our servers? No Why do you want to be part of our staff team? (In 100 words or more) I feel like I would be a fantastic fit for the Juice Punch staff team because of my history in the community. Over my time playing Gmod a majority of that time has been spent playing ttt and I feel with a game like ttt experience and time is critical, not just playing but being involved in the community as well. I'm good friends with many of the staff and just want to help them out where I can, this community and server is great so I just want to make sure there are people to handle the smaller stuff and alleviate some of the workload.
  6. Stay warm out there, folks!
  7. Strange my embed perms was removed not sure what i posted that was remove vaild again. would love to know :winkyface:
  8. Some more suggestions https://imgur.com/a/8VKprYO
  9. Polls in a new #polls channel on discord
  10. A button that lets you organize your inventory by item type (hat, weapon, model, etc), weapon type (primary, secondary, melee), or rank (high-end, ascended, cosmic, etc). I don't know if it's just me, but items are going everywhere for some reason and it's hard to keep organized.
  11. @ Sparked gambling addict hahahaha
  12. or just do completely random crates and after a month of consistancy max out on like 10-20 random crates per login. or like a he mutator after a month or somrthing idk.
  13. Login rewards. TL;DR daily rewards are lacking. 500 IC and 20 SC aren't much. Yeah, I know dailies, contracts, and raffles exist, though having -- I don't know lets says a Halloween crate for playing 8-days in a row seems cool... Map list overhaul Haven't thought too much about this though basically having three versions of the same map seems bad, big maps kill the server, and maybe having a smaller list of top tier maps will improve the quality of gameplay. Boost Donations rewards Change the $100 reward from a cosmic stat mutator to a cosmic talent mutator Ban @ Seven
  14. MC ORSEN - WARNING (Sped Up) >0:12 Cuco - Caution >1:01 Benny Benassi - Satisfaction >0:22 or 0:0
  15. Hello (feat. Dragonette) - Martin Solveig > 0:34 Do Me a Favor - The Geek x Vrv > 0:21 Eternal - Athena, smle > 0:12 Doomsday (Instrumental) - MF DOOM > 0:01 Work - Gang Starr > 0:14 Big City Life - Mattafix > 0:11
  16. I haven't changed my name since Moat servers shut down, so some of you guys may or may not recognize me (I had a really busted planetary Tommy Gun with high % pear projectile, vampiric, and center mass lol). I'm really happy to see this server running and I'm excited to continue my TTT addiction.
  17. Sparked

    Live check?

    Ban @twistedAriel
  18. Intense Training: T1 For every consecutive hit on a target, increase accuracy by 2-5%, for a maxmum of 30-50%, accuracy boost resets upon 2-4 missed shots. Soul stealer: T3 When identifying a body, you have a 5-10% chance to steal a talent from the dead players weapon, randomizing its stats. This resets upon death. Solar Powered: During the first half of the match, the player will recieve a 5-10% increase in stats on 1-3 stats of their primary weapon. But, during the second half of the match, the player has a 20-40% chance to receieve a 1-3% decrease in stats on 1-3 stats of the same weapon. Nocturnal nancy: During the second half of the match, the player will recieve a 5-10% increase in stats on 1-3 stats of their primary weapon. But, during the first half of the match, the player has a 10-20% chance to receieve a 1-3% decrease in stats on 1-3 stats of the same weapon.
  19. p sure this @ NoFace guy is a T...
  20. Superior: Prefixes: -Brisk -Snow-day -Roast Beef -Peppermint High-End: Prefixes: -Snow-Boarding -Caroling -Gingerbread -Hand-Warming Ascended: Prefixes: -Reindeer -Evergreen ( Already Exists ) -Bone-Chilling -Icy -Frigid Unique: Blitzen ( Already Exists ) Scarf ( Already Exists ) Cold-Snap: Fal with guaranteed Frost Cosmic: Prefixes: -Gift-Wraped ( Already Exists ) -Snowstorm -Festive -Frosty -Egg-Nogg -Santa's Own Unqiue: Snowstorm: Huge 249 with guaranteed snowball Planetary: -Frostbite -Sub-Zero Unique: Avalanche: MP5G with guaranteed snowball
  21. This is a golden idea, an excellent way to help each new player stay within the mix, WITHOUT overpowering them. Lets be honest, the goal in this sever is to be the richest, and have the most desireable guns. You are neither of those with two beginner guns with no value. Great idea Bucket!
  22. What is your In-Game Name? -Cata1ze Juicepunch.net What is your SteamID? -STEAM_0:1:232158731 What is your Discord Tag? -ItsCardo2x#1315 What is your Time Zone? -EST Do you have any previous offenses on our servers? -(1 slay for accidental rdm) Why do you want to be part of our staff team? (In 100 words or more) Staffing is much more than enforcing rules, its about building and maintaining community. I would like to be apart of the staff mostly because I want to see this place grow. I realize that staffing can give me a new perspective on how to play TTT and learn what staff actually deals with. Learning more intricutely how TTT actually works. The idea is that i'm not comming in here as a know it all but instead as someone willing to grow and learn the role. One thing I can say for my self if that when it comes to a position with an increase in power, bias gets wipped away. It isnt fair to anyone to have bias expecially in a position like this. Wheather you are a friend or foe, or otherwise neutral, the result should, and will be the same. The rules will be followed. Although, I know how to have fun and I know that in reality this is a video game, so unless its metagaming or exploiting, as long as everyone is having fun, thats what matters in the end. Strengths: - I have no hesitation to look back at the rule list to get further clarification on a report. -I am not afraid to ask for help. -Unbias -I am aware I have weaknesses and accept them -I know how to put the trolling aside Weaknesses: -Patience - trolling -quickly exhusting fustration Please let me know if you have any questions. ~Cata1ze
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