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  4. what kind of tree? if you can remember
  5. Bag

    Launch Hype

    Since the server is getting somewhat close to launch, I wanted to write a message for everyone. Really hyped about the server, and I bet a ton of you guys are the same way! Can't wait to waste IC on crates trying to drop the first Planetary! I know I'll be on for opening day, whenever that may be, how about you guys? Really miss Gmod and can't wait to start new friend groups on the server, and hopefully meet new or catch up with some old friends. If you need a dude to play with, let me know
  6. Bag

    Launch Crate

    Worn: Juicy, Hitting, Bussin, Crazy, Forums, Crunk, Blasting Standard: SoonTM, WhenTM, Detective, Garry’s, Ruling, MOTD, Artist, Mixed, Jammin Specialized: All-Night-Long, Full, Patient, Anxious, Grinder’s, Luckily I Have A, Check Out My Superior: Secret Weapon, Fist Bumping, Clean Slate, Traitor Tester, ManCo, Acidic, Oh My High End: Hyped, Confetti, NoPing, TOS Breaking, Peep This, Probably Bad, Traitor Ascended: Banana, JuicePunch, Lucky Pull, First Few, I Love My, I Hate My Cosmic: God Pull, Meet My, Innocent, Turtle Mine’s, Someone Buy This Planetary: Server’s First, Welcome Back
  7. Some more suggestions https://imgur.com/a/8VKprYO
  8. I would personally have to some what agree, not all swear words are necessary bad, it's something we could look into potentially in the future, but it is not my decision, and right now it's not exactly urgent. we are focusing on getting the server up. I don't think that was just a silly comment, it was bad. really bad, you might not believe so, a lot of people did, you were given the role temporarily, so that we could speak before you post anything else in the discord. once we did, it was removed. and nothing else needed to happen. you had the role for about 3-4 mins tops. Other then the filter, all we really ask is the not be toxic, break TOS or harass anyone and maybe not spam too much, Most public servers have the same rules. closing the topic, if you have any further comments on this issue sparked#0690.
  9. I'm not quite understanding this part, allowing to swear words makes your discord toxic, it's a very common vocabulary that is used everyday. i could understand if people are going around saying "kill yourself" or "go fuck yourself" but for the sake or blocking the whole list of words for the sake of one moron of a person is quite crazy. As people have stated in the discord most of these words are used for general banter and fun. it just seems juicepunch has a no fun policy Come off it, i was just added to a role that restricted me from seeing the discord and posting for posting a gif related to my change in my pfp and a silly comment i made. I've seen many other ones which i won't bring up since i don't want to start drama. But the use of timing out and such should be the very last resort should it not?. Maybe i'm just a nitwit. I'm not saying remove the rules what i'm saying is for a 18+ server we should have way more freedom of words choices and things we say and do since we are all grown enough to be able to have these sorts of words / sentences said. The current state of it relates to a roblox discord which is 100% 13+ community. [i didn't know what else to base it off :(] I WOULD LIKE TO STATE AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A DRAMA THREAT THIS IS A Discussion THREAD, I DO NOT WANT TO BE PUNISHED FOR SAYING WHAT I HAVE SAID :(((
  10. An 18+ community doesn't mean it has no rules, we don't want a toxic communication hub, therefore some filters and rules are needed. All the managers (SA+) are over the age of 21, we are the ones managing the server. furthermore all that i know off all our admins are also over the age of 18. As for as you claim " over the top punishments " only thing i people have really been banned for is breaking TOS, we have to be following discord terms of service and acting upon terms of services rule breakers, otherwise we put our discord server at risk there is a rule about purposely bypassing the filter on discord, so normally someone get's told not to and that's the end of it. TLDR? we just want a toxic free discord server. locking this thread as no further comments need to be added. Also, if you have a problem with a punishment you deemed unfair you are welcome to make a staff complaint on the forums.
  11. I would assume it has something to do with looking more professional. If that is the case, then it isn't hard to see why some swear words are blocked. Racism, sexism, and homophobic comments are a no brainer.
  12. So i was told that juicepunch was meant to be a 18+ community yet i see everything controlled like we are in a 13+ discord / Community. We can't say simple common used swear words, We can argue, Can't comment about anything without the staff going full oooogaaaa boooggga on everyone. Sure ban words that relate to racism, sexism and homophobic comments but making a 18+ server PG is just whack. Also the staff handing out the over the top punishments for so minor things as saying i quote "F U C K" is just a way to lose players. Quite frankly it puts me off the server to see the discord being managed the way it is and the server is not even released yet. I am talking about this topic because myself has been warned / timed out over the most silliest things and when trying to talk about it. Basically been told to shut it and carry on or be punished. Lets talk about the 18+ Community. I quote Cole here Why on earth are we getting all this PG server rules thrown into a 18+ community????? Also i hate to be that guy by having staff manage a community that is underage which the community is meant to be 18+. Cole himself said (i quote cole again) This is for a question which was asked by a community member about users be under that age of 18+. So having them manage a community is a bit odd if i may say so myself. I SHALL PUT THIS HERE. I ONLY WANT TO Discuss THE RULES AND HOW PETTY THEY ARE. I DO NOT condone users breaking these rules or do i want to be punished for making this discussion.
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  14. JPH pushing me into the void to flex off Solar Titan class
  15. so we would make the crate in game or something like that? then it would get sent to someone for appoval and if it gets through if can be ballanced (if needed)? that actually sounds really really really fun to me lol, i love creative stuff like that and like to think i an a creative person with good ideas sometimes.
  16. Proposed features: Crate Rarity - Superior Crate Price - 2000-2500 Weapons: Crate Concept Art: Item Set Collection Concept: Collect a couple of every item in the crate, and assign them to a collection to receive a Planetary Unique Katana, as well as all the weapons you collected back in a non-tradeable or sellable state with a 1 IC decon price.
  17. THE one and only. Game nights, hope you remember haha!
  18. Names Anne Frank, you wondering how I got here, well it all started in a little town called the Attic and moat.gg. pretty amazing story right? well cant wait to become a part of this community :D
  19. moat

    Crate Deciding

    There's a lot of crate suggestions and crates are super boring to make. What I want to make is a system which players create the crates so I don't have to, this takes a lot of time off my hands. This can be added after the server is released, but for now I will look at crates and pick which ones would be good myself.
  20. I don't use spotify but I know exactly what's inside that link
  21. Don't Shuffle https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0G9kbToSkMSILNe8cHTJ8c?si=aa49ae37b0e9441c&pt=544473daded6b7d4aec454360fad507e
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